Timberworx are a Sheffield based precision woodworking company. With a heritage of cabinetmaking, todays skilled workforce specialise in the techniques required to manufacture high performance acoustic loudspeaker cabinets. These are bespoke products manufactured for premium loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide.

The ability to create such precise acoustic structures in a variety of shapes and sizes is matched by the high quality wood veneering and lacquer finishing skills demanded by todays consumers. With experienced technical support, Timberworx are able to work closely with customers to develop and deliver a product that perfectly suits the requirements in both performance and quality.

Our modern 15,000 sq ft factory houses a wealth of precision machinery including three multi axis CNC routers, panel beam saw, a multi head 'v' groover, conventional pin router, two dimensional saws, double end tenon cutter, three pad sanding stations, two spindle moulders, an edge lipping machine and three dedicated paint and lacquer spray booths.

In July 2014, Timberworx was incorporated into Spendor Audio Systems Ltd, itself a high quality loudspeaker manufacturer, designing and manufacturing all it's loudspeakers and drive units in it's UK factory in Hailsham, Sussex. To continue it's drive to ensure the design and manufacturing skills stay in the UK, Spendor acquired Timberworx to form part of the strong UK manufacturing base for it's products.

Spendors additional expertise in acoustics and loudspeaker cabinet behaviour enhances the ability of Timberworx and provides an improved service to all it's customers, both new and existing. It is the goal of Timberworx to be the premier specialist manufacturer for loudspeaker cabinets within the UK and Europe.

Please contact us regarding your requirements, be it bespoke loudspeaker cabinets or any high quality custom products.

6 Julian Road
Roman Ridge Road Industrial Estate
S9 1FZ

Tel: +44 (0) 114 261 7600

email: info@timberworx.co.uk